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International Association of IT-education (IAITE)

The IAITE was established as a union of universities, IT-companies, IT-educators, teachers, managers and IT-professionals in order to promote the development of higher and professional education, professional retraining in the IT on the basis of Russian and International experience.

Mission of the IAITE: to stimulate the integration of Russian IT-education (including the processes of teaching & learning, research & technology development, software solutions, technology transfer, links to research and industry) into international research and educational area; to increase the effectiveness of IT-education in international community by implementing modern ways of training, actual content, development new curricula.

Mission of the IAITE sets up the following objectives:
  • improving the quality of education in the IT field;
  • the development of innovative educational methods through the active use of modern educational technologies including the best international practices;
  • updating of educational and methodological base of educational institutions;
  • development of international cooperation in fields of research and education;
  • interaction with the international regional and national funds and programs in fields of education and research, development and fulfillment of joint international projects and programs.
The main activities of the IAITE:
  • consulting in fields of international cooperation for representatives of higher educational institutions, teachers, specialists in educational management;
  • professional training in fields of IT and international management;
  • analysis and implementation of international standards of quality assurance in Russian IT education;
  • introduction of modern educational technologies;
  • methodological assistance to the development of new curricula of Bachelor and Master degrees in IT;
  • the development of new curricula of professional additional education and retraining in IT;
  • marketing research;
  • organization of educational exhibitions and fairs, competitions, seminars and conferences in IT field;
  • research and development activities in the field of natural, human and technical sciences.

IAITE was set up by the initiative of:

who in consortium with:

in 2007-2010 have successfully implemented the TEMPUS Joint European Project «Russian Higher Education in Information Technology: an International Approach (ITAPP)», dedicated to the development of two-level system (Bachelor and Master) in IT education in Russia


Membership in IAITE is voluntary and free. Individual and institutional members are welcome.

IAITE was established on November, 25, 2009 in frames of TEMPUS project «Russian Higher Education in Information Technology: an International Approach (ITAPP)».