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Management of IAITE

The principal authority of the IAITE is the Managing Committee, which is formed by members. The Managing Committee consists of representatives of members and the Chairman of Managing Committee elected for five years by the Managing Committee.

In 2015 the Chairman elected is Andrej Stepanov.

The Managing Committee:
  • decides about the acceptance of new members in the Association;
  • elects and dismisses the Chairman of Managing Committee;
  • ensures the achievement of the purposes for which the Association it has been created;
  • makes and realizes decisions about reorganization and liquidation of the Association;
  • other questions under the agreement of members.

The Supervisory Board of the Association operates on a voluntary basis and is formed of the Members.
The main function of the Supervisory Board is the maintenance of the achievement of the purposes for which the Association has been created.

The following questions is to be discussed during Supervisory Board meetings:
  • general supervision and coordination of activities of Association, maintenance of necessary interdepartmental interaction;
  • decision about the priority directions of Association activity in intermediate term and long-term outlook;
  • assisting the Managing Committee Chairman in operative search of problems solution.

Supervisory Board meetings shall be held not less frequently than once a year. Supervisory Board meeting is competent, if attended by more than half of its members. Decisions are accepted by majority vote of the members who are present at meeting. Members of the Supervisory Board can participate in the Managing Committee meetings with the deliberative vote right.